Animated films and video games fascinate me from a design perspective.  Over the years have honed my skills and craft to make clear statements to the audience.  I find that the best solution to design is usually the simplest one.  I strive for excellence, both personally and professionally.

During my tenure, I have worked at video game companies such as EA, Flagship Studios and mobile game studios. Working with Don Bluth and mentoring under him has been a highlight to my career.  I have shipped over 15+ titles and I hope to one day work in animated films or TV.  I recently finished a comic 'Halus' and iOS mobile game Hotstone


  • 10+ years professional experience in software development

  • Team collaboration on over 15 shipped titles

  • Well versed in all areas of film production, games, marketing, & advertising

  • Leadership & management of direct reports

Technical skills

  • Autodesk Maya

  • Unity game platform & Spine

  • Jira, Asana, Harvest, & Perforce

  • Microsoft Office

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, AfterEffects, Encore

  • HTML

  • TVPaint


Art Director, Qalang Corporation, Castro Valley, California (2014 – current)

Led a team of artists 1 internal 4 external, reported to the CEO, purchasing decision maker & company founder.  Designed traditional & 3D animation, game assets, levels, characters, storyboard pitches, & comic for the projects: Hotstone, Phylum, Phylum 3D, Centrove


  • Eliminated production bottlenecks to drive output two months ahead of schedule and without bugs.

  • Removed misdirection of product identity by art directing & managing internal and external artist's providing mentorship, critical art feedback & career guidance.

  • Cut operating costs by 40% reducing headquarter staff, relocating office, technology procurement decisions and hiring external contractors.

  • Secured difficult to acquire contracts with other businesses for B2B marketing solutions


Art Director Consultant, Welsh Animation, Castro Valley, California (2010 – 2013)

Promoted & advertised clients’ products & services using animation, graphic design, motion graphics.  Developed game art assets for an Xbox prototype Bloom Baby; sprites, level designs and game-play.


  • Developed unfocused client ideas into successful marketing campaigns boosting attendance 20% over prior years to 10,000+ attendee outdoor party events.

  • Reduced budgetary concerns on projects offering tiered pricing with highest quality standards across multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Removed redundant process and pipeline inefficiencies by leveraging automation, scripting and technical art tools.


Senior Character Artist, Electronic Arts, Redwood City, California (2008 – 2009)

Created characters & levels using 3D modeling & texturing. Improved efficiency across multiple disciplines to aid engineers & art teams for the projects: MySims Kingdom, Racing, Party, PC, The Sims 3, The Sims Store, The Sims Medieval


  • Increased speed of artist output by mentoring character artists on best practices.

  • Identified struggling art teams, assisting them with my multi-discipline aptitudes as a team player.

  • Invented the idea to export user created data from game engine to Maya to reduce iteration time for engineers and artists.


Lead Character Artist, Flagship Studios, San Francisco, California (2007 – 2008)

Led internal & external character art teams in animation, modeling & texturing.  Modeled, textured,  rigged & animated character art assets.  Managed Prima Strategy Guide relationship with GamePro Magazine for the projects: Hellgate: London, The Second Invasion


  • Exposed missing art documentation by creating style guides, specs, templates, & art processing standards to outsourced studios to increase quality & turnaround times.

  • Reduced asset creation time by reusing catalogued texture files for future assets.

  • Transformed improvised character meetings into decisive meetings by creating design docs as presentation tools to drive discussion and communication of future gameplay ideas.



Computer Graphic Artist III, Electronic Arts, Redwood City, California (2005 – 2007)

Created 3D characters & environments using modeling, texturing, rigging & animation for the projects: The Sims 2; Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage


  • Boosted dying brand identity by introducing appealing and iconic characters, generating buzz in the media.

  • Reduced iteration time of real-time game assets by introducing tools; faogen & headusUV,

  • Improved quality of lack luster visuals by hand painting textures instead of relying completely on photographs for textures achieving studio wide visibility & acclaim across multiple teams & projects

  • Increased efficiency of outsourcing studios by developing templates & prototypes cutting costs to iteration time



Bachelor of Applied Science Comprehensive Digital Visual Media, Expression College for Digital Arts, Emeryville, California 2003. Character animation certification by Alias/Wavefront Maya


Associate Degree, Art & Programming, Ohlone College, Fremont, California 2001

Additional skills


  • Promotional conceptualization: Magazine ads, convention banners, promotional posters

  • Business development: Brand identity development, logo design, user interface design experience (UI/UX), company branding; corporate start-up

  • Printed products: Magazine ads, comic books, posters, signs

  • Art: Animation, traditional animation, 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, illustration, storyboarding, concept art, technical art, game design

  • Team management: Team building, mentoring, hiring, recruiting, project management, technical production oversight, budget management, administration